7 Easy Stuffed Pepper Casserole Recipes

 Stuffed pepper casserole combines all the flavors of stuffed peppers - ground beef, rice, veggies and cheese sauce

Stuffed Pepper Casserole

You get the delicious taste of stuffed peppers without the fussy assembly. Just mix and bake for easy comfort food.

All the Flavor  

Assemble this hearty stuffed pepper bake in minutes. A much quicker version of the usually time-consuming dish. 

Weeknight Friendly

Kids love the flavors of rice, ground beef, tomatoes and cheese baked together. A surefire family-friendly meal!

Kid Friendly 

Customize with different meats, grains like quinoa, veggies and seasonings. Endless possibilities!

Flexible Ingredients

Assemble unbaked, wrap individually and freeze. Pull out to bake when you need an easy dinner


Ground beef with veggies, rice and cheese makes this a budget-friendly meal for feeding a crowd.


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