Alabama’s New State Cookie

Alabama recently named the Yellowhammer Cookie as its official state cookie. This lemon-flavored southern treat has deep roots in the state.

The Yellowhammer 

 The yellowhammer is Alabama’s state bird. The cookie’s name pays homage to this bright yellow woodpecker species.

Honoring the State Bird

Yellowhammer cookies contain flour, butter, sugar, lemon juice and lemon peel for tangy citrus flavor.

Classic Ingredients  

 The easy shortbread-like dough comes together quickly. Chill, slice, and bake for fresh homemade cookies.

Easy to Make at Home

 Created in the 1990s at a tearoom in Guntersville, AL, the yellowhammer cookie quickly became beloved statewide. 

Deep Alabama Roots 

2022, the Alabama legislature passed a bill confirming the yellowhammer as the official state cookie.

Official State Cookie

Many cafes and bakeries across Alabama feature yellowhammer cookies. Or make them yourself

 Where to Try One  

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