Alfredo Meatball Recipes For Food Lovers 

Alfredo meatballs feature tender, juicy meatballs covered in rich and creamy alfredo sauce. The ultimate comfort food!

Alfredo Meatballs

Alfredo meatballs comes together in just 30 minutes - perfect for busy weeknights. Simply bake or pan fry meatballs and heat alfredo sauce.

Easy Weeknight Dinner

Meatballs and creamy alfredo sauce make the perfect comfort food pairing. Like a giant, delicious bowl of pasta and meatballs!

Comfort Food Bliss 

Use ground turkey or chicken instead of beef for a healthier take. Serve over zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice to cut carbs.

 Lighten It Up  

Kids love meatballs and alfredo! This easy dinner will become a favorite weeknight meal.

Kid Friendly 

 Get creative with additions like sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms or bacon. Use pork, chicken, turkey, or plant-based meatballs.

Endless Variations

Whip up this easy crowd-pleasing dinner in 30 mins with just 5 ingredients - meatballs, sauce, garlic, parsley, parm.

Quick & Easy  

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