Baked Potato Soup Recipes For Comfort Food

 Potatoes are cooked until super tender then blended for a silky, creamy base full of potato flavor.

Creamy and Rich

Bits of crispy cooked bacon and shredded cheddar cheese add delicious smoky, salty, savory flavor.

Bacon and Cheese 

Finish with toppings like sour cream, scallions, more cheese or bacon. The ultimate loaded potato!

Toppings Bar

 Swap cheddar for different cheese like gruyere or gouda. Add cooked broccoli, ham or hot sauce.

Easy Customization

 This satisfying loaded potato soup comes together in under 30 minutes - ideal for weeknight dinners.

Weeknight Comfort  

Kids will love this fun loaded potato soup piled high with their favorite toppings!


Make this warm, creamy and ultra-comforting loaded baked potato soup on chilly nights


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