Big Mac Salad Recipes Better Than the Real Thing  

Big Mac salad captures the flavor of the classic burger in healthier salad form with crisp lettuce, creamy dressing, cheese, pickles and ground beef.

Big Mac Salad

This salad is a lighter, healthier way to enjoy Big Mac flavors. Packed with veggies and protein instead of bread and extra calories.

Healthy Big Mac 

Use ground turkey or chicken instead of beef. Swap ingredients like shredding Brussels sprouts for lettuce or adding bacon.

Customize It  

Kids will love this fun salad packed with familiar McDonald's flavors. Much healthier than the actual Big Mac too!

Kid Friendly 

Big Mac salad is simple to make in minutes. Just chop, mix and add dressing.

 Easy to Make

Enjoy Big Mac flavor in perfect single serving portions. Make in bulk for quick lunches or meal prep.

 Perfect Portions

This salad is perfect for when you crave the yummy nostalgic flavor of a Big Mac, but want a fresher, healthier option.

Nostalgic Flavors

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