British Flapjacks Granola Bars Levelled Up

Just oats, butter, and brown sugar are needed for these sweet old-fashioned oat bars. Quick and easy to make.

Simple 3 Ingredient Treats

Flapjacks hold their shape well, making them ideal snacks to take hiking, to the office, or to pack in lunches. 

 Perfect Portable Snacks

The combination of melted butter and brown sugar gives flapjacks a delicious chewy texture

 Delicious Texture

Mix in nuts, dried fruit, coconut, maple syrup, spices, and more to tailor flapjacks to your taste.

Endlessly Customizable  

 Flapjacks have been popular teatime and outdoor activity snacks in the UK for decades.

Beloved in Britain

Just mix oats, sugar, butter, bake, then cut into bars. Ready in under an hour.

Easy to Make

With their delicious simplicity, it's easy to see why flapjacks are so beloved in Britain and beyond

Enjoy a British Classic!

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