Cheeseburger Gnocchi Is Comfort Food Heaven

Light and pillowy potato gnocchi is the perfect base for all the cheesy beef toppings.  

Tender Potato Gnocchi

Ground beef and onions cook up with garlic, Worcestershire, and seasoning for maximum flavor.

Savory Beef and Onions

Top the gnocchi with slices of melty cheddar, American, or pepperjack cheese. 

 Ooey, Melty Cheese

Dill pickles add the perfect fresh, tart crunch.

Tangy Pickle Slices  

A drizzle of tangy 1000 island-esque sauce ties all the flavors together. 

Special Drizzle  

With its decadent toppings, this gnocchi is ultra comforting, craveable, and fun.

Comfort Food Bliss

This gnocchi lets you enjoy the cheeseburger experience in a fun, new way.

Enjoy Cheeseburger Heaven!

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