Chestnut Chicken Rice Casserole Recipes

This creamy chicken and rice casserole gets a crunchy texture from water chestnuts. Comfort food made easy with only 5 ingredients.

Water Chestnut Chicken

Diced water chestnuts add great texture and crunch to the creamy chicken and rice mixture.

Crunchy Water Chestnuts

 With its creamy sauce, chicken, rice and vegetables this casserole delivers on comfort food cravings.

Comfort Food Classic

Only requires chicken, rice, soup, water chestnuts and seasoning - just dump in a casserole and bake.

 Quick and Easy

Swap out soup flavors or add frozen veggies. Use turkey or ham instead of chicken.

Flexible Ingredients

Repurpose leftover cooked chicken and rice into this easy and delicious casserole.

Great Leftover User

Make this crunchy, creamy and comforting water chestnut chicken and rice casserole for easy dinners.


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