Cookies Have Everything But the Kitchen Sink  

Packed with chips, nuts, pretzels, cereal, sprinkles, candy and more, you'll find something surprising in every bite.

Loaded With Mix-Ins  

Mix in any of your favorite ingredients. The more varied the better with these cookies!

Super Customizable

A chewy cookie dough binds all the crunchy, salty, sweet mix-ins together into edible perfection.

Soft and Chewy

Making these over-the-top cookies is the perfect cooking project to do with kids. Let their creativity run wild!

Fun Baking Project

 Swap out or add any mix-ins to create your own signature "everything" cookie.

Endless Variations 

 No chill time required for the simple one-bowl dough. Just scoop, bake, and enjoy!

 Easy Drop Dough  

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Make a Batch Today!

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