Cosmic Brownie Cookie Recipes 

Cosmic brownie cookies are chewy brown sugar cookies stuffed with colorful sprinkles for a fun confetti baked good that kids and adults love.

 Cosmic Brownie Cookies

These cookies are loaded with rainbow sprinkles inside and out for delightfully colorful confetti-like cookies.

 Stuffed with Sprinkles

Brown sugar gives these cookies the signature chewy and slightly crispy texture of a cosmic brownie. 

Soft and Chewy 

These cookies put a fun new spin on classic chocolate chip cookies with their colorful surprise inside.

Fun Twist on Cookies

Kids will have a blast decorating these festive cookies loaded with their favorite rainbow sprinkles!

 Kid Friendly

Bring cosmic brownie cookies to a birthday party or spring event for a guaranteed hit recipe.

 Perfect Party Treat

Just brown sugar, butter, eggs, flour, cocoa powder and rainbow sprinkles.

Simple Ingredients 

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