Dirt Pie Recipes With Gummy Worms

 Dirt pie features an Oreo cookie crust filled with chocolate pudding and topped with crushed cookies and gummy worms for a fun dirt-like dessert.

Dirt Pie 

 Layers of crust, chocolate pudding and cookie crumbs create a super fun dirt-inspired no-bake pie kids and adults love.

 Sweet Dirt 

Top with gummy worms for full dirt effect! Perfect for kid parties, rainy days or April Fools.

 Fun Dessert

Easy to assemble dirt pie with no baking required. Just chill and top with worms before serving.


 Kids will get a kick out of this sweet edible dirt. Make mini dirt cups for the whole classroom


Oreo crumbs, chocolate pudding and gummies create a dessert that looks just like real dirt!

Edible Dirt 

 Just need Oreos, instant chocolate pudding and gummy worms. Quick, fun and easy no-bake dessert.

Simple Ingredients

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