Dorito Taco Pie Recipes For Fun Family Dinners

Dorito taco pie features seasoned taco meat, beans, and cheese piled into a pie crust and topped with crushed nacho cheese Doritos.

Dorito Taco Pie

The crushed Doritos form an incredibly crispy, crunchy and flavorful topping on this Tex-Mex pie. Kids love it

Crispy Topping 

This pizza-meets-taco combo is a fun twist on Taco Night. Guaranteed to be a new family favorite. 

Fun Family Dinner

With spicy taco meat, beans, cheese and zesty Doritos all in one dish, this pie delivers maximum flavor.

 Loaded with Flavor

Swap in different toppings like salsa, guacamole, jalapeños, olives or cilantro. Use a tortilla shell.

Easy Customization

Kids go crazy over this fun taco-in-a-pie loaded with melty cheese and their favorite Doritos.


Assemble and bake this quick and flavorful weeknight dinner in just 30 minutes. 

30-Minute Meal

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