Easy Pesto Chicken Pasta Recipes

Pesto chicken pasta features basil pesto, chicken and veggies tossed with hot pasta for a quick and delicious meal bursting with flavor

 Pesto Chicken Pasta

Bright basil pesto blended with cheese and cream creates an ultra creamy sauce that coats every inch of pasta.

Fresh and Creamy

This pesto chicken pasta comes together in just 30 minutes - perfect for busy weeknights.

Weeknight Friendly

Swap veggies like zucchini or broccoli. Add shrimp or salmon. Toast pine nuts or sunflower seeds for crunch.

Endless Add-Ins 

The creamy pesto sauce and cheesy pasta is always a hit with kids. They'll devour this meal!


 Use fresh or frozen basil, garlic, Parmesan, olive oil, and nuts or seeds to make your own pesto in minutes. 

Easy Homemade Pesto

Chicken, vegetables, pasta, pesto, cream or milk, cheese, and seasonings - that's all you need!

Simple Ingredients

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