Easy Steps for Making Frittata with Leftovers 

Eggs, vegetables, cheese, meat, herbs


Skillet, spatula, bowl 

Equipment Needed

Chop any vegetables, crumble sausage or bacon, grate cheese.

Prep the Ingredients

In a bowl, whisk eggs with a splash of milk or cream. Season with salt and pepper.

Whisk the Eggs

Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Cook any meats and harder veggies first. 

Cook the Fillings  

 Pour eggs over fillings. Use a spatula to lift edges as it cooks so uncooked egg flows underneath. 

Add Egg Mixture

When mostly set, sprinkle cheese on top. Cover and cook until frittata is puffed and cheese is melted. Slice into wedges and enjoy!

Finish Cooking and Serve  

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