Fruity Pebbles Treat Recipes For Fun Sweet Snacks

Fruity Pebbles Treats combine the beloved colorful cereal with marshmallows for a fun kid-friendly no-bake snack.

Fruity Pebbles Treats

These cereal marshmallow bars taste just like the fruity pebbles in cereal form - sweet, nostalgic childhood flavor.

Sweet Nostalgic Flavor

 Using Fruity Pebbles instead of Rice Krispies gives these classic treats a more fun and flavorful spin.

Fun Twist on Rice Krispie Treats

Just melt marshmallows and mix with fruity pebbles cereal - no baking required

Easy No-Bake Snack 

Kids will love these tasty fruity cereal treats made with their favorite rainbow pebbles cerea


Press into a pan for bars or form into shapes like birds nests or eggs. Great for parties or gifts.

 Custom Shapes

Just fruity pebbles cereal, marshmallows and butter are needed for these easy snacks.

Ingredient Treats

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