Funfetti Pancakes Are the Birthday Breakfast

These funfetti pancakes are fluffy buttermilk pancakes loaded with rainbow sprinkles for a fantastically festive, confetti-filled breakfast.

 Fluffy Pancake Batter  

 Handfuls of colorful sprinkles swirled into the batter create pancake confetti.

Rainbow Sprinkles

What better way to celebrate a birthday morning or weekend than with these funtetti-filled flapjacks?

Perfect Party Breakfast 

Just mix sprinkles right into your favorite pancake batter. Use fun shaped molds if desired!

Easy to Make

Kids will be so excited when you whip up these magical, rainbow-filled birthday pancakes!

Kids' Favorite

Top with more sprinkles, chocolate chips, whipped cream or fresh fruit for even more color.

 Endless Topping Options

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Make Magical Funfetti Pancakes!

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