Grilled Banana Splits Are Next Level 

Grilling the sliced bananas leads to tasty caramelization that enhances their natural sweetness.

Caramelized Bananas  

 Melted ice cream contrasts with the warm grilled fruit for an irresistible texture combo.

 Creamy Cold Ice Cream 

Top with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, nuts and piles of whipped cream - all the classic split ingredients.

Classic Toppings  

Arrange grilled bananas on a platter with toppings served on the side for easy DIY assembly.

Easy Assembly  

These are perfect for making out at a barbeque - grill the fruit while meats cook.

 Backyard Dessert

 Kids will love assembling their own grilled banana split creations with their favorite toppings.

Kid-Friendly Summer Treat

Grilled banana splits put a delicious new spin on the iconic ice cream dessert

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