Hobo Casserole Recipes For Easy One-Pot Meals

 Hobo casserole features ground beef, peas, carrots and orzo baked together for an easy, comforting one-pot meal. 

 Hobo Casserole

Just brown the ground beef, mix with veggies, orzo and sauce then bake. Dinner made simple with minimal cleanup.

One-Pot Wonder

Ground beef with frozen peas, carrots and pantry staples like orzo and cream of mushroom soup make this very budget-friendly.


With its hearty mix of beef, noodles, creamy sauce and veggies, this hobo bake is ultimate comfort food.

Comfort Food 

Swap different vegetables, meat, grains or cream soup to make it your own. Endless possibilities!

Easy Customization

Kids will love this easy baked hobo casserole. Creamy, beefy and filled with their favorite veggies.


Assemble casserole in a foil pan then freeze and bake straight from freezer for an easy meal.


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