Lemon Poke Cake Recipes For Sweet Summertime

Lemon poke cake features a moist lemon cake filled with a sweet lemon curd "poked" into holes. Topped with lemon frosting or whipped cream.

Lemon Poke Cake

 The combination of tart lemon curd and sweet cake makes each bite burst with flavor. Refreshing, sunny taste!

Sweet and Tart 

Bright, citrusy lemon poke cake is perfect for spring and summer. Easy breezy cake with fresh flavor.

Perfect Spring or Summer Dessert 

Just need a box lemon cake mix, lemon curd or cream cheese filling, and whipped cream or frosting - so easy!

Simple Ingredients 

Swap other fruit like raspberry, strawberry or lime curd. Add berries between layers or on top.

Endless Flavor Options

Looks fancy but couldn't be easier to make for your next spring get-together or summer BBQ.

Impressive But Easy

Kids will love the tangy lemon flavors and pretty layered look. Fun summertime treat!

Kid Friendly

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