Oreo Poke Cake Recipes For Cookie Lovers

Oreo poke cake features moist chocolate cake poked and filled with Oreo cream cheese filling and topped with crumbled Oreo cookie pieces.

Oreo Poke Cake

The creamy Oreo filling seeps into the dense chocolate cake creating pockets of sweet Oreo flavor in every bite. 

Sweet Oreo Flavors

This Oreo-infused poke cake puts a unique spin on traditional chocolate cake. Kids and adults love it!

Fun Twist

Just bake a cake, poke holes, fill with Oreo cream cheese mixture and topping with crushed Oreos.

 Easy to Make

Make this crowd-pleasing Oreo cake for birthdays or gatherings. Decorate with extra Oreos on top

Perfect for Parties

 Kids will be over the moon for this Oreo-loaded chocolate cake! The ultimate birthday cake.


Swap the cake and filling flavors or frost instead of topping with Oreo crumbs.

Endless Variations

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