Pizza Spaghetti Mashup Is a Weeknight Win

Al dente spaghetti noodles bake up perfectly tender in the saucy cheese mixture.

Tender Noodles

Shredded mozzarella melts into hot creamy deliciousness and gives that quintessential pizza flavor.

 Ooey, Melty Cheese  

You can't have pizza without pepperoni! Add some crispy, savory meaty bites throughout.

Savory Pepperoni

Pizza or marinara sauce infused with Italian seasoning gives that unmistakable pizza joint taste.

 Pizza Sauce and Seasonings

Assemble and bake all the ingredients together in one dish for quick clean up.

 Easy One-Pan Dinner

Pizza and pasta in one fun dish? Kids will be begging for this meal on repeat.

 Kid-Approved meal

This mashup of two family favorites will quickly become a new go-to dinner.

Enjoy Pizza and Pasta Perfection

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