Potato Recipes For Comforting Casseroles 

 Funeral potatoes combine shredded hashbrowns, cream soup, cheese and crushed cornflakes for the ultimate comforting cheesy potato casserole.

Funeral Potatoes 

Buttery crushed cornflakes bake into an irresistibly crunchy and crispy topping that everyone will love. 

Crispy Cornflake Topping

Melted cheddar cheese and creamy soup make this casserole rich, smooth and full of cheesy potato flavor.

Cheesy and Creamy  

Funeral potatoes are the perfect potluck or party casserole. Feeds a crowd and loved by all ages.

Easy Crowd Pleaser

Customize with broccoli, ham, sour cream, jalapenos, or other favorite potato casserole toppings.

Endless Add-Ins

Funeral potatoes are the essence of comfort food. Cheesy, creamy, potatoey goodness!

Comfort Food Classic

Just need frozen shredded potatoes, cheddar, soup, butter and cornflakes. Easy to make

Simple Ingredients

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