Say Goodbye to Artificial Mac and Cheese Mixes  

All you need is shredded cheese, flour and seasoning to make this simple budget-friendly powdered cheese mix.

Just 3 Ingredients

Grate a blend of real cheeses like cheddar, Parmesan, and Swiss to infuse the powder with authentic cheese taste.

 Real Cheese Flavor  

 Experiment with different cheese varieties, spices, and additions like mustard powder or nutritional yeast. 

Customize the Flavors

A large batch of homemade mix costs a fraction of boxed mac and cheese but tastes far superior.

Saves Money

Dehydrate cheese mix completely to extend shelf life. Stores for months in an airtight container.


Just grate cheese, mix with flour and seasonings, and dehydrate. Use in all your favorite recipes!

Easy to Make

This homemade mac and cheese powder brings way better flavor and ingredients than boxed mixes.

Ditch the Box Mixes!

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