Spain's Beloved Muffin-Like Treat

 These cute little cakes have a soft and tender muffin-like texture that easily crumbles when bitten into. 

 Tender and Crumble 

A bit of grated lemon zest provides subtle bright citrus flavor without being overwhelming.

Subtle Lemon Essence

Mantecadas get lightly dusted in powdered sugar before serving, adding sweetness and aesthetic appeal.

Dusting of Powdered Sugar

These lemon-kissed treats have been enjoyed in Spain for centuries and remain popular today.

Beloved Spanish Dessert

Mantecadas are the perfect size to enjoy as a mini dessert or snack with coffee or tea.

 Fun Bite-Sized Dessert

These little cakes come together quickly with simple pantry ingredients.

Easy to Make

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 Enjoy a Taste of Spain!

Cheesecakes Make the Perfect Dessert