Steak Taco Salad is Tonight’s Dinner

Seared and seasoned steak provides hearty protein and savory flavor. Shred or chop for easy eating.

 Flavor-Packed Steak  

Alongside the steak, load on all your favorite taco toppings like beans, salsa, avocado,cheese and more.

Loaded With Toppings  

The simple olive oil lime dressing adds a punch of brightness. Use ranch if you prefer a creamier option.

Fresh Taco Salad Dressing

Quickly cook the steak and prep ingredients while lettuce chills for an easy 30-minute dinner.

 Weeknight Friendly

Swap different add-ins, proteins, greens and dressings to tailor to your taste.

Endless Customization  

Serve individually or make a big taco salad bowl for the whole family to dig into.

Perfect Portions  

 Enjoy a flavor-loaded, hearty and healthy twist on taco night with this easy salad.

Dig Into This Delicious Steak Taco Salad!

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