Strawberry Pop Tart Slab Pie

This fun dessert recipe transforms beloved pop tarts into an oversized treat that's sure to delight.

 Pop Tart Slab Pie

Begin by slicing fresh strawberries and tossing them with sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, and a splash of vanilla extract

 Prepare Filling

Line a baking pan with pie crust, ensuring it covers the bottom and sides. Trim any excess

Line the Pan

Lay strawberry pop tarts on the bottom of the pie crust, creating the first layer of your slab pie

Arrange Pop Tarts

Spoon the prepared strawberry filling over the pop tarts, ensuring it's evenly distributed

 Add Strawberry Filling

Place more strawberry pop tarts on top of the filling to create another layer.

Top with More Pop Tarts

 Use strips of pie crust to create a lattice pattern on top of the pop tarts. Trim any excess crust.

 Create a Lattice Top

A Delightful Dessert Dream