Turtle Poke Cake Recipes With Caramel And Chocolate

 Turtle poke cake features a moist chocolate cake filled with gooey homemade caramel and chocolate, then topped with chopped pecans.

Turtle Poke Cake

The cake is infused with rich homemade caramel that seeps into every bite alongside melty chocolate. So decadent!

 Ooey Gooey Caramel

Dense chocolate cake layered with silky caramel, chocolate and crunchy pecans - a chocolate lover's dream

Chocolate Lovers Dream

Bake cake, make caramel and assemble up to a day ahead. Just add pecans before serving.

Easy to Make Ahead

This crowd-pleasing turtle cake is great for birthdays, game days, holidays and parties.

Perfect for Parties

Kids will devour this chocolatey caramel poke cake! The ultimate birthday cake for chocoholics.


Just need cake mix, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate, butter, pecans and optional whipped cream.

Simple Ingredients

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